Rob Preston Model Locomotives


The Models

The casting for these miniature are made by the lost wax process, in steel and brass. The components are prefabricated or machined from the solid. Each model works on exactly the same principal as the original full size locomotives. Coal fired. Live Steam.

This set of four locomotives is just a small part of the locomotives constructed at the Neath Abbey Iron Company. The diversity of products ranges from the locomotives to the construction of large beam engines and vassals of numerous types and all will be the subject of future modelling projects.

The following are artists impressions of the other miniatures in this set.



This plateway locomotivewas the first Rack/Adhesion drive locomotive in the world. The working drawings for the model were prepared solely from component drawings and one end elevation..

Built for the Dowlais Iron Company, circa 1832
Projected completion 2004


The first Geared/Rod Drive Articulated locomotive in the World. This design went on to be one of four specific types of locomotive articulation.


Built for the Rhymney Iron Company, circa 1838.
Projected completion 2005



Other Products

Their products span the entire range of the Industrial Revolution.


more than 40 made

Stationery Steam Engines

over 200 made with bores of up to 125" diameters. including up to 14 of the Cornish Beam Engine.

Iron Hulled ships

form Iron Hulled sailing ships, to Schooners, Bucket Wheel Dredgers to day steam /sailing yachts.

Blast Furnace's

Gas Plants.

Machine Tools.

Cranes etc.

They exported their products to most, if not all the Continents of the World.

Including the following Countries:-
South America.
South Africa.

Most of the original engineering drawings are also still in existence.

7500 highly detailed working precision engineering drawings.

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